Sunrise, JMW Turner

Sunrise, JMW Turner

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How much an initial assessment cost?

A formal psychiatric assessment is a lengthy process. It involves both a 1:1 assessment and the time spent reviewing medical notes, obtaining collateral information and writing a detailed report. It can be costly but some of this can be recouped via private insurance policies and the Medicare Benefits System. In most cases a "gap" will be charged which will involve an out of pocket expense for the patient. 

How do I make and appointment?

The majority of consultations take place at The Geelong Clinic. A referral from your GP or physician is essential.

Why do I need to get a referral?

It is vitally important that you discuss your difficulties with your GP or physician in the first instance. There may be things that they (or other professionals at the practice) can do to help. They will also play an important role in clarifying the nature of the referral. Your GP is likely to have a high level of expertise in diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

Do I need to have private health insurance?

See above ("How much will it cost?). Whilst outpatient assessment and treatment may be possible without health insurance, in-patient stays can be costly and it is advisable to have private health insurance for this purpose.

You should take advice before taking out health insurance as some policies do not provide cover for mental disorders or have longer "wait" periods.

How do I obtain a second opinion?

I encourage all patients to obtain a second opinion. There are a wide variety of private psychiatrists practicing in the local area.

Do you offer video consultations?

I am in the process of exploring a suitable platform to provide video consultations to patients living in rural and regional areas. Please contact my consulting rooms at The Geelong Clinic to find out more information.