The Fighting Temeraire, JMW Turner

The Fighting Temeraire, JMW Turner




Scott completed both a bachelors degree in physiology and MBBS (medicine) at University College London in 2004. He undertook specialist training in psychiatry in London, Cardiff ("old" South Wales) and Melbourne. He gained membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) in 2009 and was awarded fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2014.

He has completed additional specialist training in psychotherapy, consultation-liaison psychiatry (the branch of psychiatry focussing the relationship between physical and psychological illness) and in the treatment of severe mental illness.

Scott works as a psychiatrist in the public sector (University Hospital Geelong), and in the private sector (The Geelong Clinic).

Scott is medical director at The Geelong Clinic and a director at Barwon Health Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Service. 

Scott’s interests are in the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders, chronic pain syndromes, psycho-somatic disorders, substance use disorders, adolescent mental health and the effects of childhood trauma on psychological development.

Scott practices integrative psychiatry using a combination of psychotherapy, behavioural and pharmacological treatments tailored to the patients' psychological formulation.